French cuisine, we love you. We love your Michelin stars, your decadent sinful appeal, your snobbishness and your foie gras. From great value bistros to the kitchens of world famous chefs, Avantura has prepared a mouth-watering range of inspiring gourmet experiences, likely to tempt even the fussiest of eaters and turn even the neophyte gastronomic adventurer into a starving foodie.

Let us take you on a grand tour of haute cuisine that starts with cooking lessons in Burgundy, where you can use the freshest of local ingredients to create your own boeuf bourguignon and coq au vin. Then continues with a unique hands-on Provence culinary experience including a taste of bouillabaisse made from fish just brought to the market that morning. And finally goes Southwest to the cooking schools in Bordeaux, the true heart of French gastronomy and wine artistry. From country hotels full of charm and 13th century chateaux to holiday rentals and B&B houses hidden away in the vines, there is no shortage of choice.


Try one of our French culinary vacations in Burgundy and explore a land famous for its exquisite wines and local culinary treats. Take French cooking lessons using the freshest of local ingredients to create rich and hearty dishes, and then enjoy the fruits of your labors with fine wines. Burgundy is as rich in history as in gastronomy, and our cooking tours include everything from visits of sleepy French villages, medieval churches and monasteries, to local product tastings featuring the renowned Burgundy cheeses. The region is traversed by the stunning Burgundy canal, which meanders through the countryside and provides the perfect venue for a stroll, a boat ride, or a picnic during your Burgundy culinary vacation.

Chateau De Vault De Lugny, Hostellerie Le Cèdre, The Abbaye de la Bussière.


With its stunning castles lining the banks of Loire river, the seat of the French Renaissance and the playground of nobles and princes reminiscent of fabulous festivities dazzling with bursts of elegance and opulence, the Loire Valley will most certainly lure you into the ultimate luxurious culinary trip. Today, much of the Loire is flanked by vineyards, making the region ideal for a French cooking vacation and wine tour - and it is just an hour’s train ride from Paris on the fast train. During your cooking holiday in the Loire you will visit world-class wineries, take hands-on French cooking lessons with local chefs, and enjoy guided tastings of some of the region’s many delicacies, such as fine cheeses, mushrooms, and chocolate.

Domaine des Hauts de Loire, Grand Hôtel du Lion d'Or.


Discover Provence on an amazing French culinary vacation. Enjoy a unique, hands-on Provence culinary experience and practice using local herbs—such as the famous Provencal lavender, rosemary, and thyme—and vegetables picked from the garden by your own hands. Visit a family goat farm to try their distinct goat cheeses or an olive mill to taste freshly pressed oil. Sip fine Provencal wines while lounging in the southern sun on a terrace overlooking the very vineyards that produced them. Shop in chic Riviera towns like Nice or St. Tropez, or explore the quiet woods, lakes and picturesque villages of the interior. Add to that the famed historical sites of Avignon, Orange, Arles, the landscapes that inspired Van Gogh and Cezanne, and you will surely agree that Provence is the perfect destination for an unforgettable cooking vacation.

The Chateau de Berne.


Savor the delights of French cuisine during a visit to one of our cooking schools in Southwest France. Here you will explore the area’s many gastronomic specialties, including such famed products as paté, cassoulet, confit de canard, fois gras, Armagnac, Sauternes, and of course the wines of Bordeaux, which you can explore during a Bordeaux wine course. On a trip to Southwest France you will also find the famed Languedoc area, which offers stunning medieval fortresses, fine wines, and abundant produce, and the Dordogne, a verdant land known for its numerous castles and many types of truffles and patés. Traveling further south, the Midi-Pyrenees is home to mysterious medieval abbeys and churches, robust wines, and spectacular ancient towns. Join us for a culinary vacation in this rich, yet mostly unspoiled part of France, and discover the true heart of French gastronomy.

Les Sources de Caudalie, Chateau Hotel & Spa Grand Barrail, Grand Hôtel De Bordeaux & Spa.


The blend of maritime and country life in this north-central region of France creates a unique local cuisine. Home of such famed products as Camembert cheese, French cider, and the Calvados apple brandy, Normandy is an ideal destination for a cooking vacation to the motherland of fine cuisine. When not delving into Normandy’s gastronomy during your cooking lessons, market visits, and food tastings, your culinary tour will give you the opportunity to explore the area’s rich history, including the stunning Mont Saint Michel, one of the most visited sites in France, and the beaches of D-Day.

Le Château de Beaulieu, L’Ermitage.