What if, instead of counting the endless days until your next annual holiday, you squeeze in several city breaks throughout the year and really feel the benefit of getting it all out of your system?

We all know the ocean is made of tiny drops of water. Make this your holiday planning philosophy and enjoy the vastness of possibilities.
Whether you’re planning an incognito escapade with your amore, an epic blast with the boys, a shopping spree with the girls or a good old times family get-together, our city breaks will do the trick for you. Avantura offers you an essential guide to the world’s top weekend destinations like London, Paris, Monaco, Genève, Rome, Madrid, Prague, Barcelona, Berlin, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Athens.


Gluttony is a capital sin. We know it. You know it. But who can resist Swiss chocolate? Occasionally it’s rather pleasant to get your fingers dirty and Genève might just be the right place for that. Spend a Chocolate Indulgence break/weekend in Switzerland and make sure you bring some for your dear ones, too.

Addicted to seafood? There is no better place than Istanbul to serve the finest fresh fish. For those who like a tipple, Dublin is an ideal destination, famous for its popular nightlife scene. Housing a number of interesting sights to visit, this city is not only for the party crowd, and can easily by explored on foot. Of course, a glass of Guinness is never hard to find, and there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the fact that you are on holiday, so why not?
Or go splash some cash in the most luxurious fashion meccas of the world: New York, Paris or Milan. For fashionistas Paris is the perfect place to indulge in all the latest styles straight of the catwalk. Avantura Travel will take you shop 'til you drop in some of the most famous Parisian fashion hotspots. Done Paris? Then try Milan. Done that already? Try the Big Apple.

New York always tops the best city-break lists, and for good reason too. It might not be everyone’s idea of a relaxing destination – it’s busy, noisy and all those skyscrapers can make you feel very claustrophobic. But it always offers something new. Too much to handle? Then take a trip to London. If you're feeling lucky but sick of the Lottery, hit the French Riviera and stop in Monaco for a weekend. Try the Monaco Casino for three-card poker, roulette, and black jack. It could get messy, so guarantee a decent night’s kip at Metropole Hotel.


Who says you have to wait a whole year to go to the beach? Pack your swimming suit now and head for Dubai, where you not only can sunbathe all year round and wiggle your toes in the glitzy sand of its fabulous golden beaches, but you can also have privileged access to some of the most exclusive art galleries at the moment and, who knows, you might finally add that missing piece to your precious collection.


You say party, we say tapas bar hopping in Barcelona’s trendiest neighborhood El Born. Bored of Spain? Visit Prague instead. Magnificent architecture, historical monuments and good old-fashioned fare are all served up in generous portions in Prague.

Or maybe you’re looking for a quiet relaxing weekend? Try spending the day sipping wine in a century old family-run ristorante, as far away from the Grand Canal as possible, your only chance to spot a real Venetian. Done Venice already? Try Rome, the Eternal City, one of the best-loved capitals in Europe. Want to conquer a different Empire? Visit Athens. Take your comfortable shoes and explore everything the city has to offer on foot and then watch the world go by at a street-side café.

Boasting a famously turbulent past, the draw of Berlin for many tourists is the history of the area. With a buzzing nightlife scene, long summer days in which to laze in the many communal parks and the wealth of cultural attractions to be found, this is an ideal city break destination. In the evenings, a trip to the theatre or cabaret is an ideal way to round off the trip.

Offering both exciting and relaxing short getaways, Avantura can recommend top city destinations that suit your personal style and taste. From fine food to art or architecture, you will be able to find the city break that does it for you. Simply choose the city you'd like to visit and we’ll find you the best flight and accommodation.